Eco-friendly Packaging

Each teddy animal by KittyApril comes to you gift-wrapped. The packaging is recyclable and eco-friendly. 

Cotton bag. Firstly, I put a teddy animal in a cotton bag. I make two sizes of bags specially for my teddies and choose fabrics that match my brand and season. 
  • You can reuse the bag for your own purposes.
  • The bag can be a nice little home for your teddy if you decide to take your animal with you somewhere on a travel. 

Craft box.Then the teddy is put in a craft box with paper box filler of different colours.
  • The paper box filler can be reused when gift-wrapping your presents or recycled as paper.
  • The craft box can be recycled. There is a code on the bottom.

 Textile ribbon. The craft box comes tied with a ribbon. 
  • The ribbon can be reused for decor or gift-wrapping.
Twine. Sewing kits` and sometimes animals` boxes are tied with twine. 
  • It can be reused for decor or gift-wrapping.

Natural cones. Sometimes I add little natural cones to the bow as decor.
  • The cones are biodegradable.

In the craft box you will also find a birth certificate and a visit card.

Finally, the craft box with a ribbon is put in a cardboard box and sent as a parcel with a tracking number by avia mail.

The packaging for sewing kits is a bit different.

Thank you for reading!

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