Preview for Hugglets Winter BearFest 2015 - Part 1

I am awfully lacking time to realize everything I planned for the show and feeling a little panicky. We are flying to London on Friday already!

But here is a part of my collection for Hugglets Winter BearFest on Feb 22. Have a look! (I hope to post Part 2 before Friday).

Mister Raccoon  
wearing a sweater, loves berries, from Winter_in_the_Forest collection

Hedgehog Kai
from Winter_in_the_Forest collection
 (more photos of Kai here)

Baby hedgehog 
wearing a scarf, from Winter_in_the_Forest collection

Forest Hedgehog 
from Winter_in_the_Forest collection

Panda Lee
(There will be a baby panda as well. So this one is probably a parent.)

There is a sneak peak of the baby panda in my Instagram.

Squirrel Liz
adores jumping around the forest and cuddling in your hands.
 (More photos of Liz here)

Big Bear Oliver
lives in the far away forest somewhere close to the North Pole. The only one for whom I have made clothes!
 (More photos of Oliver here)

Miss Squirrel
(she hasn`t had a photoshoot yet, sorry for the picture from my phone) 
She is my favourite, can`t not show her to you!

As I have said I hope to post more before Friday.
Wish me more time. :)

See you soon at Hugglets! (Stand 103)

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  1. Чувствую, на выставке милашки быстро найдут себе домики) они все очаровательные!