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I am happy to tell you that my creations will travel to Hugglets Winter BearFest which will take place in London on February 28 (this weekend!). I invite you to come and have a look at my hedgehogs! They will be on the stand of Natasha Kataeva and Ludmila Govorova. Natasha has prepared cute bears ballet dancers in theatre decorations!

My collection for the show is called "Ballet Lovers". The hedgehogs are from 8 cm to 13 cm tall. Every one of them has a bow tie and a flower which are removable and each loves ballet very much. If you come to the show, you will see that it is true. 

What? - Hugglets Winter BearFest
Where? - Kensington Town Hall, London, UK
When? - 28 February 2016
Open - 10.30am to 4.00pm

Stand - Hall 2, stand 89

 Have a look at their photos below.
Я рада сообщить, что мои ёжики будут участвовать в выставке Hugglets Winter BearFest, которая будет проходить в Лондоне 28 февраля 2016. Приглашаю вас поздороваться с Наташей Катаевой, её балетными мишками и моими ёжиками во 2 зале, стол 89.
Что? - выставка Hugglets Winter BearFest
Где? - Лондон, Kensington Town Hall
Когда? - 28 февраля 2016
Открыто? - 10.30 - 16.00
Cтенд - зал 2, стенд 89

On Hugglets you will also be able to purchase 2016 calendars with my creations and illustrations. Each calendar is in English and measures 21x21cm.

Preview of months

If you are lucky you will get the adopted hedgehog in such a cute hedgie bag. :) The thing is their number is limited but I love this idea very much so I think I will continue making these bags.

Have a great time at the show!

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